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Rumed Academy Level 2

Our representative Yoshihara participated in Rumed Academy Level 2 held from September 16, 2019 to September 21, 2019, and passed the special sterilization technician certification test. This time, it was held at the training center of KLSMartin headquarters in Tuttlingen, Germany, which is also called the sacred place for medical equipment. 15 people from 12 countries: Japan, Oman, Ukraine, Lebanon, Ireland, UAE, Serbia, Malaysia, Thailand, Colombia and Belgium participated in the plan for SOP creation, cleaning critical classification of medical equipment, and employment of sterilization workers. And job descriptions, FMEA risk analysis, etc. In addition to the lecture format, there were many discussion formats on how to deal with risks and find the best way out of the situation set in each country through group work.

Yoshihara passed level 2 examination and got new title.

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